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    Aproper diet is a key to the healthy lifestyle but on the same hand, following a proper diet is a tricky part. Antixo Global is one of the best diet planner app development company with a rich experience in the realm of mobile app development. Our mobile app developers are experienced and build an app on which you can rely to follow a healthy lifestyle. With our diet planner application, you can track the record of your diet and nutritions and also guide on what you should consume and in how much quantity.


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    Our Diet Planner App Development Services

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    Diet Calendar

    With our diet planner app, you can organize your daily meals according to the requirements of daily calory consumption.


    Healthy Receipes

    This is a real treat for all our diet followers and users. You can learn new diet recipes through the latest diet blogs and vlogs updated on the app.


    Calories Tracker

    Diet planner mobile app keeps a record of everything that you eat according to the diet chart. It keeps you updated on every intake calory.


    Weight Counter

    One of the most important things to follow a diet chart is to reduce weight. Our diet application track & remind you about your targets.


    Target System

    A user with the help of this application can set their own goals and adopt a healthy way of living. The user will keep receiving timely alerts.


    Suggestive Diets

    Our mobile diet applications cater personalized diet experience with regular diet suggestions and tips.

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    Our Diet Planner Mobile Apps Are Fitted with Advanced Features

    The robust team of diet planner app developers in Antixo Global always walk an extra mile to offer clients the best-in-class diet planner solutions. We develop a nutrition app which would be like a personal trainer to you and which tracks all the intakes you consume. This is a perfect fitness solution for people of all age groups.

    From workout and exercising to calorie management, diet and health planner mobile app perform all task for you with all ease.

    • Easy payment gateway integration services.
    • Getting updates through geo-location feature.
    • Integration with a wearable device.
    • Diet planner application for Android and iPhone.
    • Appointment booking with a nutritionist.
    • Live chat with a dietitian.
    • Personalized trick and tips for users.
    • Latest fitness plans with social share feature.

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