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    Everything is digitalizing in the evolving technological world. From ordering favorite food to pay a taxi fare, we require mobile apps to perform all these tasks. To make the online transaction more smooth comes the concept of eWallet with which you can pay and receive money digitally. Antixo Global is one of the best eWallet development companies in India. Our eWallet solutions are reliable and secured. eWallet development services eliminate the requirement of carrying the liquid cash in hand. Feature-rich eWallet solutions by Antixo Global help you inquire for your balance. Have a personal account, manage it with personal login details, instant payment and receive and much more you can perform with our well-crafted eWallet solutions.


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    Bluetooth and iBeacon

    With the integration of two most state of the art technologies namely iBeacon and Bluetooth, the wallet payments become more rapid and safe. The technology is widely embraced by people globe across.


    QR Codes

    Our eWallet app developers built such solutions with the use of QR code technology where an eWallet user can make the payment by just scanning the QR code of other people smartphone.



    Numerous government organizations use the eWallet mobile app which is powered by Blockchain technology. Reason being, it is secured and immutable. eWallet and blockchain integration enables the huge financial transaction.



    Our motto is to develop highly secured eWalllet applications. The security is vital for any online transaction. Our eWallet experts follow extreme security standards to keep your id, password, and money safe.


    Near Field Communication

    We keep our eyes and mind open for every novel technology NFC is one such technology which we use to integrate into our eWallet solutions. It helps users transfer the funds conveniently.


    Digital Receipt Payment

    We have included the digital receipt option with our eWallet solutions. It can be generated after any transaction. A user shall receive its copy on the registered email address.

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    Major Features of an eWallet Mobile App Development

    With the emergence of eWallet mobile applications, the mode of the transaction has become faster and more smooth. With the evolving technology, the way of using eWallet also changed.

    Our eWallet development solutions are also fitted with vouchers, coupons, and loyalty card that keep encouraging our clients to use online mode of transaction easily.

    • With geo-location feature, you can make the payment by tapping on the user of the receiver.
    • eWallet data synchronization with your social account and phone number offer high-level security.
    • Automatic back up of the operations done.
    • Ewallet portability makes easy the offline and online payment option.
    • Categorization feature in eWallet gives you a personalized experience.

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