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The arrival of the PC, the Internet, and eventually e-commerce, has transformed retail. Although, it has additionally ended up being a concern for the business owners. The sheer volume of data we can accumulate now is overpowering for any human group to stay aware of, legitimately measure, and use successfully. There is so much data it winds up apparently unmanageable.


  • Complex Advertising aims are vigorous to trace
  • Navigation is typical with insufficient feedback
  • Absence of Customer Loyalty exposure 
  • Absence of Marketing Plan Insights 


Fortunately, PCs can go further than rudimentary analysis. With the correct business intelligence, you can have a product to determine when to reorder stock at the opportune time so you won’t come up short on precisely when you require, in light of an analysis of seasonal advertising patterns. 

How BI Helps Identify the Gaps in your Ecommerce Business

  • Identify source of advertising is pulling in the maximum amount of traffic? Which advertising is generating the most sales? Which ad creative is converting best?
  • Recognize elements of navigation are people using the most? What are they using the least? What is causing visitors to go around in circles? Are they reaching their desired page upon using the search box?
  • What buyers purchase more than once? Where did these customers originate from? How would they achieve their aspired products? What volume of them reacts to mailers and different types of marketing communication?
  • How cost-sensitive are clients? What affiliates are sending in the best movement? 
  • What phrases are driving the best activity? What methods are promoting the best SEO performance? 
  • Are social sites sending activity? What is working in your online media endeavours, and what isn’t? It is safe to say you are ready to produce returns on speculation from online networking? 
  • What keywords are the best converting? Are your PPC improvement endeavours proving to be fruitful? 

Competitive Advantage

The data picked up from business competitive intelligence can enable your organization to reduced costs and execute more effective plans. BI can indicate higher deals and more accomplished and content clients. Utilizing business intelligence as instead of having to manually input and analyze data also saves your company valuable time and resources. 

Our Approach & Solution

  • Settle for better choices. Data-driven decisions are likewise profitable. 
  • Begin with full functional dashboards with diagrams, reports, and KPIs in view of best practices in eCommerce. 
  • Join and get your own particular full functional data warehouse information inside 5 minutes. No hassle to code on your side. 
  • Utilise the global filter to break down your information effectively for instance by means of cutting and dicing or penetrate through techniques. 
  • Know where to spend your campaign budget plan 
  • Periodic and automated reports. 
  • Notice Trends over some time 
  • Distinguish Brand Loyalty
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